Reversing Karma – Florence Scovel-Shinn

Reversing Karma Daily Vigilance“Stand ye still and see the salvation of the Lord” (law).

A woman came to me in great distress. Her daughter had determined to take a very hazardous trip, and the mother was filled with fear.

She said she had used every argument, had pointed out the dangers to be encountered, and forbidden her to go, but the daughter became more and more rebellious and determined.

I said to the mother, “You are forcing your personal will upon your daughter, which you have no right to do, and your fear of the trip is only attracting it, for man attracts what he fears.” I added, “Let go, and take your mental hands off; put it in God’s Hands, and use this statement:”

Reversing Karma
“I put this situation in the hands of Infinite Love and Wisdom; if this trip is the Divine plan, I bless it and no longer resist, but if it is not divinely planned, I give thanks that it is now dissolved and dissipated.”

A day or two after that, her daughter said to her, “Mother, I have given up the trip,” and the situation returned to its “native nothingness.”

It is learning to “stand still,” which seems so difficult for man.

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