Casting the Burden – Florence Scovel-Shinn

Casting the Burden - Daily VigilanceImpressing the Subconscious – When man knows his own powers and the workings of his mind, his great desire is to find an easy and quick way to impress the subconscious with good, for simply an intellectual knowledge of the Truth will not bring results.

In my own case, I found the easiest way is in “casting the burden.”

A metaphysician once explained it in this manner. He said, “The only thing which gives anything weight in nature, is the law of gravitation, and if a boulder could be taken high above the planet, there would be no weight in that boulder; and that is what Jesus Christ meant when he said: “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Continue reading “Casting the Burden – Florence Scovel-Shinn”

The Law of Grace Transcends the Law of Karma

Law of Grace Daily VigilanceJesus Christ brought the good news (the gospel) that there was a higher law than the law of Karma—and that that law transcends the law of Karma. It is the law of grace, or forgiveness. It is the law which frees man from the law of cause and effect—the law of consequence. “Under grace, and not under law.”

We are told that on this plane, man reaps where he has not sown; the gifts of God are simply poured out upon him. “All that the Kingdom affords is his.” This continued state of bliss awaits the man who has overcome the race (or world) thought. Continue reading “The Law of Grace Transcends the Law of Karma”

God is your Supply so Spend Fearlessly – Florence Scovel-Shinn

One of my students was shopping with her little nephew. The child clamored for a toy, which she told him she could not afford to buy.

She realized suddenly that she was seeking lack, and not recognizing God as her supply!

So she bought the toy, and on her way home, picked up, in the street, the exact amount of money she had paid for it. Continue reading “God is your Supply so Spend Fearlessly – Florence Scovel-Shinn”

Law Always Stands Back of the Man who Spends Fearlessly

Law Always Stands Back of the Man who Spends Fearlessly – Florence Scovel-Shinn

If man ignores these leadings to spend or to give, the same amount of money will go in an uninteresting or unhappy way.

A woman told me, on Thanksgiving Day, she informed her family that they could not afford a Thanksgiving dinner. She had the money, but decided to save it. Continue reading “Law Always Stands Back of the Man who Spends Fearlessly”

You have to Feel Rich to be Rich – Florence Scovel-Shinn

Many people are in ignorance of the fact that gifts and things are investments, and that hoarding and saving invariably lead to loss.

“There is that scattereth and yet increaseth; and there is that withholdeth more than is meet, but it tendeth to poverty.”

I knew a man who wanted to buy a fur-lined overcoat. He and his wife went to various shops, but there was none he wanted. He said they were all too cheap-looking. At last, he was shown one, the salesman said was valued at a thousand dollars, but which the manager would sell him for five-hundred dollars, as it was late in the season. Continue reading “You have to Feel Rich to be Rich – Florence Scovel-Shinn”

How to be Rich – Florence Scovel-Shinn

Man cannot force the external to be what he is not. If he desires riches, he must be rich first in consciousness.

A woman came to me asking treatment for prosperity. She did not take much interest in her household affairs, and her home was in great disorder.

I said to her, “If you wish to be rich, you must be orderly. All men with great wealth are orderly—and order is heaven’s first law.” I added, “You will never become rich with a burnt match in the pincushion.” Continue reading “How to be Rich – Florence Scovel-Shinn”

How to Neutralize the Law of Karma – Florence Scovel-Shinn

I will give another example of sowing and reaping, which came in the most curious way.

A woman came to me saying, she had received a counterfeit twenty-dollar bill, given to her at the bank. She was much disturbed, for, she said, “The people at the bank will never acknowledge their mistake.”

I replied, “Let us analyze the situation and find out why you attracted it.”

She thought a few moments and exclaimed: “I know it, I sent a friend a lot of stage money, just for a joke.” So the law had sent her some stage money, for it doesn’t know anything about jokes.
Continue reading “How to Neutralize the Law of Karma – Florence Scovel-Shinn”

Reversing Karma – Florence Scovel-Shinn

Reversing Karma Daily Vigilance“Stand ye still and see the salvation of the Lord” (law).

A woman came to me in great distress. Her daughter had determined to take a very hazardous trip, and the mother was filled with fear.

She said she had used every argument, had pointed out the dangers to be encountered, and forbidden her to go, but the daughter became more and more rebellious and determined. Continue reading “Reversing Karma – Florence Scovel-Shinn”