How to be Rich – Florence Scovel-Shinn

Man cannot force the external to be what he is not. If he desires riches, he must be rich first in consciousness.

A woman came to me asking treatment for prosperity. She did not take much interest in her household affairs, and her home was in great disorder.

I said to her, “If you wish to be rich, you must be orderly. All men with great wealth are orderly—and order is heaven’s first law.” I added, “You will never become rich with a burnt match in the pincushion.”

She had a good sense of humor and commenced immediately, putting her house in order. She rearranged furniture, straightened out bureau drawers, cleaned rugs, and soon made a big financial demonstration—a gift from a relative. The woman, herself, became made over, and keeps herself keyed-up financially, by being ever watchful of the external and expecting prosperity, knowing God is her supply.

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