Florence Scovel-Shinn on Making-Believe to Impress the Subconscious

Making Believe - Daily Vigilance

Making-Believe to Impress the Subconscious

Continually “making-believe,” impresses the subconscious. If one makes believe he is rich, and makes believe he is successful, in “due time he will reap.”

Children are always “making believe,” and “except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

I know of a woman who was very poor, but no one could make her feel poor. She earned a small amount of money from rich friends, who constantly reminded her of her poverty, and to be careful and saving. Regardless of their admonitions, she would spend all her earnings on a hat, or make someone a gift, and be in a rapturous state of mind. Her thoughts were always centered on beautiful clothes and “rings and things,” but without envying others.

She lived in the world of the wondrous, and only riches seemed real to her. Before long she married a rich man, and the rings and things became visible. I do not know whether the man was the “Divine Selection,” but opulence had to manifest in her life, as she had imaged only opulence.

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