Acme of Nonresistance – Florence Scovel-Shinn

A metaphysician once gave me a wonderful recipe for taking every trick in the game of life, it is the acme of nonresistance. He gave it in this way; “At one time in my life, I baptized children, and of course, they had many names. Now I no longer baptize children, but I baptize events, but I give every event the same name. If I have a failure I baptize it success, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost!”

In this, we see the great law of transmutation, founded on nonresistance. Through his spoken word, every failure was transmuted into success.

A woman who required money, and who knew the spiritual law of opulence, was thrown continually in a business-way, with a man who made her feel very poor. He talked lack and limitation and she commenced to catch his poverty thoughts, so she disliked him, and blamed him for her failure. She knew in order to demonstrate her supply, she must first feel that she had received—a feeling of opulence must precede its manifestation.

It dawned upon her, one day, that she was resisting the situation, and seeing two powers instead of one. So she blessed the man and baptized the situation “Success”! She affirmed, “As there is only one power, God, this man is here for my good and my prosperity” (just what he did not seem to be there for). Soon after that she met, through this man, a woman who gave her for a service rendered, several thousand dollars, and the man moved to a distant city, and faded harmoniously from her life.

Make the statement, “Every man is a golden link in the chain of my good,” for all men are God in manifestation, awaiting the opportunity given by man, himself, to serve the divine plan of his life.

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